How To Promote By Using The Internet

How To Promote By Using The Internet

Look behind the scene of how I promote an offline event by using the internet!

In my company, I’ll have different marketing campaigns for different product launches. In February, I was focusing on a live event to be promoted.

This video was recorded when I did a candid real-life marketing class, back in February. I’ll share with you how I’m selling the tickets by deploying several strategies without relying on any third parties (affiliates, JV’s, etc).

Apart than the digital marketing strategy, the other interesting part is this – even if you have an “offline” product, you can still use online marketing to sell it. Online marketing is not just suitable for an online product, it can be used for almost any kind of products you would like to sell.

It’s about mastering the strategies.

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Patric Chan

Patric is the best-selling author of Clicking Cash, The International Player & WakeUp Millionaire, a world-class internet marketer and international speaker of 12 countries. He's also the founder of Passive Wealth Group with thousands of members worldwide.

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