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The A.D.D Social Media System

What’s the system for my social media marketing? It’s the A.D.D System: A stands for Automation D stands for Development D stands for Distribution Here’s the video… Remark: For the Distribution part, I haven’t expand on it yet, this is something that I’ll be doing more often in 2020. Right now, it’s mostly on Facebook.

To Be Among The 5%

There are a lot of noise out there. If you don’t do anything different, you will add to the noise and won’t be heard. I’m going to share with the 3 insights how to be among the 5% – those that are being heard. Of course, it’s the 5% of the marketers who are doing

4 Insights for 2019

WOW, 2019’s just a few days away. So this is going to be my last blog post for 2018. Here are some insights that I have for 2019 to thrive. It’s based on my own experience with starting several online businesses this year and also, my observations of many customers that I have… Why We