Month: December 2019

How To Plan For Your Business In 2020

Getting Ready For 2020

How To Finish What You Have Started? I think this episode comes in the right timing – how to tie up all of the loose ends before leaping into 2020! There are 2 parts toward the training – Part 1 is HOW to get you to take action and Part 2 is HOW to plan

How To Plan For Your Business In 2020

How I Create A Profit Windfall In Just 3 Days

Today’s blog post shares the story how I was able to inspire others to start their digital e-Commerce business and also, using the internet to raise fund for charity, with $0 cost. To illustrate that this is not by luck, I was able to repeat the same process by using the same formula taught inside

How To Create A Book (For Marketing)

I took a video from one of my training programs to teach you how to create a book that you can use to build your brand! ? This is not the same as “being an author”. This is being a marketer and using a book to position yourself in your marketplace. The video will teach