Month: August 2018

Hustling and Working Hard?

I got 2 videos for you today, they are about “working”. Let’s be clear before we move forward – there’s absolutely NO WAY for you to build your online business successfully if you’re not working for it. The only exception is, you are willing to spend lots of money hiring someone to do it for

Business Lessons Learned From AirBNB and DropBox

Companies and entrepreneurs are usually focused on getting customers, customer acquisitions (getting new leads, new users, etc). Including us, marketers. After all, all business books teach this – sales is the lifeblood of any business. FOCUS ON THE SALES. But that’s the theory. Instead, focus on turning your existing customers/users to become your strongest advocators…

How To Build A Strong Foundation Business

Why I’ll deliberately work hard for my business? It’s something that *ALL* of us are aware of; but we still avoid doing it. 🙂 Perhaps, we do not understand the strategic part of working hard to dampen our competitors to stepping in. Here’s today’s video… (For sub-titles, click on the “settings” near the video time