Patric Chan's Products

You can find a list of Patric’s current products:

The CB Passive Income 4.0 License Program This is our best-selling product which provide the customer with a turnkey business to make money online from ClickBank.

The Mini-Course Formula 2.0 – Find out how you can make money online by giving away free information as mini-courses.

APPportunity Online Training – This is a massive 8-week of training on how to build a mobile app business through various of ways.

Social Strategic – Find out how to use Facebook strategically for marketing.

The Facebook Marketing Course – How to use fanpages to make money online and turn it into a business.

Blogging Guru – This course contains 3 powerful components to starting an online blogging business. You’ll learn how to launch your blog, monetize it and getting traffic.

The Profit Windfall – There’s a secret on how to create a “profit windfall” in the internet marketing niche. It is done by launching a software product through “software rebranding”.


Patric Chan

Patric is the best-selling author of Clicking Cash, The International Player & WakeUp Millionaire, a world-class internet marketer and international speaker of 12 countries. He’s also the founder of Passive Wealth Group with thousands of members worldwide.