To Be Among The 5%

To Be Among The 5%

There are a lot of noise out there.

If you don’t do anything different, you will add to the noise and won’t be heard.

I’m going to share with the 3 insights how to be among the 5% – those that are being heard. Of course, it’s the 5% of the marketers who are doing extremely well on the internet.

1. Don’t Sell Another Outdated Stuff – Be At The Forefront.

Create your uniqueness by being at the forefront of a new discovery.

You’ve seen marketers launching their courses/products about list-building, SEO, FB ads (another one? ), affiliate marketing, etc. Those are NOT forefront. Those are “outdated” stuff, unless, there’s a unique twist to it.

What’s your brand associated to?

For instance, you may think “chat bot” is the latest thing. Yes, it is – but that’s not a forefront anymore. YOU SHOULD BE DOING CHATBOT WITHOUT QUESTION. It’s already happening and it’ll be part of your marketing mix.

To build a brand and have your uniqueness, you need to research for something that is so new, it excites your audience.

For instance, have you thought of learning about FB Fan Subscription and position yourself as the expert?

Check out

Or how to build a business with Facebook Creators, earning ads revenue just like YouTube’s Partner Program?

I mean, can you imagine if you were the first few who discovered YouTube’s Partner Program in the past and start teaching that?

To me, those are forefronts.

2. Dare To Be Controversial.

Sometimes, controversial will work for your brand, especially in ads.

If you’re familiar with the book funnel (where you give a book for free but charge H&S), it’s a bit over-expose nowadays.

The fact is, we’ve been using that in ClickBank for many years but lately, the responsive has dropped dramatically.

So for our FB ads, we created some controversial ad.

Instead of “pitching” the book, our headline (in the video and copy) says this:


It seems to get attention by telling them the opposite.

Of course, there will be haters as usual, but it’s converting for us.

By the way, don’t worry about haters. If you do, please watch this short 2 minutes video that I’ve posted on my FB page recently…

On a separate note, the “book funnel” was once at the “forefront”. Whoever who taught that in the past have successfully claimed that “brand” and made a lot of money.

“Listen” And “Watch”

The best way to learn from the experts/Gurus is not just by listening to them. But “watching them”.

The best lessons are seeing how the experts are executing what they do.

Because most of the time, they don’t teach everything in their training. And sometimes, this is not intentional – they may not remember everything they did and miss out to teach you.

BUT REMEMBER – it’s not possible to learn by just watching, without “LISTENING” because you could easily “hacked” wrongly and screwed up bad. Pay for the course/training so you have the whole big picture.

For instance, when I teach my coaching clients how to build their digital eCommerce business, I TELL THEM to model what I am doing. Then I SHOW THEM what I have done or what I am doing.

I told them – don’t just go through my training. Observe what I do, then ask me if you need further clarification.

Learn by observation. Pick your favourite expert and follow him/her. Treat him/her as your mentor and be proud of it.

Leave me know your comment. Thanks.

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