First, you have to understand that money moves.

Second, if you know how it moves, you can be there to catch it at the right time and the right place. So really, you can be a very wealthy person once you’re able to immerse yourself with the principle of “money moves”.

Money moves like water. Like water, its never stagnant – money is transfer from one hand to another hand ALL OF THE TIME. If you want to have a lot of money in your hand, you need to know where it is and how you can get it to be transferred to you instead. Of course I don’t mean robbing a bank since money is there, what I mean is… you need to figure out why would someone (or a company) would want to “transfer” their money to you. And I can tell you that the answer is not sitting down, do nothing and try to “attract” it to you.

Money moves like fire as well. You see, fire burns anything it touches, regardless of whether you’re a rich or a poor person. What it means is this… it’s not bias, it doesn’t care who you are. It will allow anyone to create it and use it. There are some people in this world who will never become rich because they think that they don’t deserve it or not capable of “creating” money. But the fact is, you just need a cheap matchbox to create fire.

And there’s one common thing about how water and fire move – they move very fast when they’re “growing”. You’ll need to be fast enough to “catch” money and here are a list of 3 things that are important:

1. You’ll need to be fast to acquire specialized knowledge. It is an undisputed argument that knowledge is a direct influence for your wealth.

2. You’ll need to be fast enough to try out opportunities that you believe can be successful. Which means, even if you fail, you’ve failed fast enough to learn and improve.

3. You’ll need to be fast to say “no”. The fact is, in today’s age, there are “too many” opportunities. If you start doing all of them or still dabbling whether you should do it or not, you’ll lose out your speed to catch money.

But isn’t this a very stressful thought, trying to “catch” money?

An experience fisherman can always come home with lots of fish. Why? Because he knows WHERE to fish and probably, WHEN is the right time to go fishing. However, for him to acquire this KNOWLEDGE, he would probably FAILED several times but because he is FAST enough to fail and learn, he now knows where the fish “move”.

The starting part is usually the toughest period of all. But come on… have you met a self-made millionaire or highly successful entrepreneur who has never experience hardship when he first got started? And try asking him if it’s worth the “stressful” thought and he would probably smile at you.

The truth is, there are shortcuts to wealth and success, one of it lies in the knowledge that you know. But hey, you’ll still need to walk through these shortcuts. :)

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Your friend,

Patric Chan

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Patric Chan

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