2010 And Forward – What to Expect

I want you to know that there’s no better time than to get excited about your life and goals – not because it’s going to turn 2010, it’s simply because today is always the best time.

There are 5 areas of life that I would seek to improve – health, relationship, spirituality, financial wealth and personal growth. None of them are at a higher priority than the others as they’re all holistically balanced to create the right combination of success in life.

It’s a fact that if you don’t have financial wealth, your life could be slightly “inconvenient”. If you gonna give me the lecture that the monks and priests live happily ever after without seeking wealth, then I’m not going to argue with you. But look – you’re no monk or priest so be real, nothing to be embarrassed of.

Money is never evil. It’s a big wrong myth that rich people are arrogant, greedy or selfish and as a matter of fact, most of them are the opposite. So I would suggest you to make it a goal in 2010 to get to know some millionaires and rich people to learn what their secrets to wealth are. Who knows – they might even pass you some opportunities you can work together with them.

If you think you’re poor today, it’s because you ‘choose’ to become this way by your acts and thoughts. Same thing – if you’re rich, it’s because the way how you act upon opportunities and think of positive outcomes.

Would you believe me that I’ve received emails asking me to give them money because they believe in Law of Attraction and want the Universe to give them money from the sky? No wonder they’re broke and poor because they don’t take responsibility to for their own future. People just don’t understand how Law of Attraction actually works.

Look – you have to work for your own success. If you’re smart, you buy some courses or attend seminars to uncover the shortcuts or just take the long road by testing out on your own. Your choice. Both ways are fine and both still require work.

In 2010, I’ll be focusing more on the concept of multiple income streams (MSI). Now, MSI does not means that you got to have different kinds of income streams – it simply means you have more income streams. For instance, I will create income streams from offline publication books, seminars with other speakers and so on. So focus on what you already have or doing very well, then ‘branch’ out from there.

The other 2 important areas that are usually missed out when someone pursue the goal of attaining financial wealth is relationship and health. My friend, time flies very fast. Within a blink of an eye, you’ll see your children already grown up or your folks getting old. So cherish what you have now because by end of the day, your success is actually measured by the relationship that you have – not the money in your bank account. I’ve experience this from the sad and happy angle, when my Grandma passed away and also, seeing my baby girl growing right now in 2009.

Health? Put it this way, you can’t enjoy spending your money earned if you don’t have the body and mind to enjoy it. But I can tell you this – don’t be a health freak and miss out the joy of life. I mean, don’t eat cheese burger every day but hey, don’t torture yourself of not eating that because you’re worried that you’re going to get heart attack or something. Life is short, enjoy your food but just don’t overdo it. Dude, I’m not asking you to take drugs, it’s a cheese burger for Pete’s sake.

One more thing about health – if you can afford it, do take supplements especially those green stuff supplements. Our food and environment are getting worse so you need whatever ‘effortless’ thing to give you the edge to stay focus, energetic and vibrant when you’re on track to success.

Spirituality comes from within. Whether it’s your connection to God, your inner voice, Law of Attraction and so on, it gives you the serenity and harmony in your mind and soul. You need that. You’ve seen and heard of stories people ‘let go’ of everything and pursue a greater goal because they have aligned with their spirituality part and ultimately, it leads to happiness. My point? Spirituality leads to happiness.

Funny thing is, our ultimate goal is suppose to be happy but you don’t hear people attending seminars on how to be happy because they thought money makes them happy and so on. The truth… happiness is obtain when you’re grateful with what you have and understands that you have a beautiful life – regardless of who you are.

And lastly, I’ll be seeking for more personal growth in 2010. Personal growth is about enriching your experience and expanding your knowledge. You see, the only thing that does not change is Change itself. So if you want to transform yourself into a better person in any positive angle, then I highly suggest you to uncover many more secrets to personal growth that you are still unaware of.

Whether you attend seminars regularly, listen to audios or join Success Trace Private Membership, it’s your responsibility to continue ‘upgrading’ yourself. No one’s going to motivate you or give you the cutting edge strategies for success – you got to seek that out for yourself because, again, it’s your life.

One more thing – stop telling people about your sad story or TELLING YOURSELF, get over that and start thinking how you can reach your goals (but please, not by asking the Universe to give you money). You might think it’s easy for me to say this today because I’m “Patric Chan” or any of those craps… think again, bucko. I used to be in your shoes too and so do Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Jack Canfield and all of those gurus you admire. So in all fairness, I think if you start taking full responsibility for your life and create the eagerness to be far more supreme than where you are right now, you “Chan” do it. I believe.

If you like what you’ve read, I look forward to hear from you. Just leave your feedback or message in the Comments below and I’ll personally read it.

To your success in 2010,

Patric Chan
Founder, SuccessTrace.com

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