I’m Back (With 7 Secrets of Success)

Back in October, I’ve made the decision to stop blogging. But today, I’m “back”.

First of all, for those from United States, I hope you’ve a wonderful Thanksgiving Day celebration. And even if you’re not from there, it’s a day that *everyone* should celebrate – it’s a day to be grateful for the things and matters in your life.

I would like to share with these 7 secrets of success, for 2014’s early preparation:

1. Number #1

This rule of success is shown in almost every matter – strive to be #1 in whatever you do. The #1 winner’s reward is usually many times bigger than second place and so on. For instance, do you who’s the second person who walked on the moon? You don’t. You just know Neil Armstrong, the first guy who did that.

Sometimes, you may feel you cannot be #1 because you’re “not good enough”. Then it’s mainly because you haven’t found what you’re really good at and how you can sharpen that skill or talent. For instance…

If you’re working in the office, maybe you could be the #1 person who comes up with ideas?

If you’re running a restaurant business, could you be the restaurant that has the best desert? And so on. Get the idea. ALWAYS strive to be #1.

2. Celebration

Regardless of how small your success is, you’ll always need to celebrate for it. Not throwing a big party of any kind, but to acknowledge yourself that you’ve reached another milestone. Reward yourself. You need that to stay motivated and to ensure yourself things are going well for you.

3. Gratitude

If you’ve achieved success, I’m very sure you did not do it by yourself. There are always other people (directly or indirectly) who have helped you. be grateful to them. And of course, the one “person” who’s always been involved is none other than God. So be thankful.

4. Do Not Blame

In your pursue to success, you’ll be challenged by all kinds of obstacles. It’s easy to let go of responsibility and blame someone (or something) for the failure. Maybe blaming helps you to ease your frustration but sadly, that doesn’t help you to fix anything – at all. In fact, it WEAKENS you. And if the blame goes to other people, you’ll lose respect. The fact is, if the success is achieved, it’s YOUR SUCCESS. So if you think from that perspective, don’t you think it’s your responsibility since you’re the one who gets the lion’s share?

5. Lead

You don’t hear stories of successful people who are not leaders. It’s quite obvious that leadership is required in you to achieve success. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s unlikely for you to achieve success without someone’s help. For you to get the help, you need to have leadership. One of the best ways to become leader is not other than to lead by example.

6. Success Compounding

You start with small successes. Do not feel that you’re not growing because you haven’t reached your goal yet. The funny thing with success is this – if you’re persistent enough and doing the right things, success will come to you eventually. And if you “compound” it, it’ll just get faster.

7. Optimistic, Not Positive Thinking

Positive thinking helps, but it’s being optimistic that will see you through. Because if you’re just being a positive thinker, you may continue to do things wrongly. Why? Positive thinkers do not see any “negative” matters in things that went wrong.

If you’re able to immerse yourself with these 7 secrets, I can bet that you’ll achieve success quicker. And also, easier.

To your success,


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