How Do You Brush Your Teeth Every Morning?

Yesterday, I was out having lunch with a good friend of mine.

One of the food I’ve ordered was “buffalo chicken wings” and when the food arrived, I’ve offered it to him. But he said, “No, thanks” politely.

It’s not because he wasn’t happy with me or anything, it turns out that he’s a vegetarian.

But the interesting part is, I can see it in his face of how much discomfort he has with any food that’s meat. I’m not sure about you, but usually, ANYONE eats “buffalo chicken wings”, unless they’re vegetarians. Now, if you do eat that or meat in general, can you imagine how “hard” it is to stop eating meat PERMANENTLY?

But not for my friend.

He doesn’t feel any “loss” or in any state “miserable” feeling. In fact, he loves being vegetarian.

You see, to my friend (and I believe, to most vegetarians), it’s absolutely normal not to eat meat. Their brain are NOT trying to “control” them from not eating meat, their body and mind systems automatically “reject” meat. There is no effort required to avoid meat.

Dangling-CarrotThis applies the same to fitness training. If you’re forcing yourself to train, mainly using the “dangling carrot” method, it will wear off and create a lot of internal conflicts, frustrations and energy-driven.

What you need is creating a “ritual” for success.

I don’t mean a ritual in any religion form, but having a ritual for your actions is like having a habit of doing things.

If you want to be healthy, have a ritual to be healthy. Not merely motivation.

Same goes to becoming wealthy.

For instance, how do you brush your teeth every morning?

Was it something that you need to think of doing? I doubt that. The process of brushing teeth is an action that you do it automatically when you wake up in the morning.

Was it very challenging to brush your teeth? Unlikely. It just happens “effortlessly”, isn’t it?

That’s a ritual that you’ve set. You don’t need to FORCE yourself to do it.

If I was to break it down, your future success is simply based on several action steps which you’ll need to execute to reach your goal.

Let’s take a  very simple example – because you want your teeth to be healthy and beautiful (your success), you brush your teeth at least twice a day (your action). Your action here is based on ritual, not “motivation” that wears off.

Successful people in this world have rituals.

For a start, you need to know how to maximize your day for performance. You can’t be working whole day and expect to perform amazing result. Yes, maybe, your work is done but your health, personal relationship and emotion suffer. Thus, it leads to greater problem and sometimes, depression.

I don’t know your style of working or your physical flexibility, but the point is, craft your own rituals for success.

For a start, wake up early in the morning. That helps in many ways for success.

If you have anything to share or you like what you’ve read today, feel free to leave your comment below. I read every single one of them personally. :)

Warm regards,


P.S: Nowadays, I don’t eat as much meat as I do anymore. I don’t stop, but just less. You can argue with me if you like, but personally, I feel “stronger” with less meat in my body. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.