It’s interesting that your mind “works” separately than YOU. And confusingly enough, it may even work against you when you’re trying to achieve success. It’s like an entity of it’s own. (Read the book Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle to get some perspective of the mind being a separate entity.)

Here are the reasons…

i. Scientifically, your brain is “programmed” to help you to avoid pain and it is attracted towards pleasure.

This is basic self improvement knowledge, mainly advocated in NLP (neuro linguistic programming). Here’s the tricky part – your brain analyzes the situation mainly of the present, not the future. So if you have to work a lot today (pain) for tomorrow’s better future (pleasure), your brain might suggest you not to do it. And you really can’t “blame” it because the future does not exist yet, it cannot analyze something that do not have any benchmark or reference point!

ii. Your mind is also connected to EMOTION. If you watch the movie called After Earth, Cypher Raige (played by Will Smith) has the ability to overcome fear. He can eliminate fear, thus, he’s able to overcome many obstacles. But that’s a sci-fi movie, the fact is, all of us have fear. That emotion moves you away to pursue new things, to go into uncharted territory. Well, if you haven’t achieve success yet, your journey is “uncharted”.

iii. Disagreement with you. Your mind could disagree with your decision, therefore, you have a lot of internal conflict to move forward. Your mind could “disagree” with you because of many reasons – maybe you’re lack of confident, you’re BS’ng yourself with impossible goals, your action may not have as much integrity as it’s supposed to be, it affects other people, etc.

So when you have these 3 obstacles, your Mind “pulls” back and so, whatever you do, seems to fail. Then you wonder why you’re so unlucky or the methods you’ve tried didn’t work.

Now, let me just be clear – I’m not a spiritual Guru or Law of Attraction Expert or even a brain researcher. But here’s how I look at it –

If you want to achieve success, you got to have your Mind to support your cause or goal. Not the other way round. Firstly, you’ll be CONGRUENT in what you do and that’s very important.

Secondly, you want your Mind to “work” for you simultaneously when you’re pursuing for success. This happens at the sub-conscious level (this is where Law of Attraction methods come into the picture) and that can be even more powerful than whatever you’re doing in the conscious level.

Why? Let me explain it this way –

If you’re “lucky”, even with little work, you can achieve success. If you don’t have “luck”, regardless of how hardworking you are, your result will still be minimal. As you can see, I would prefer to be “lucky” when I’m doing something.

As you can see, you need both – YOURSELF and your Mind to achieve greatness.

If you have anything to share about sub-conscious mind or you like what you’ve read today, feel free to leave your comment below. I read every single one of them personally. :)

Patric Chan

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