For the past few blog posts, I’ve shared the first and second wealth principles. Today, I like to share the third wealth principle…

Wealth Principle #3: Follow a System

If you have found a system that is making you money, apply it constantly, everyday.

Wealth grows over time when it is being piled up so by applying the system that is already generating your income, you are actually duplicating your earlier achieved results.

If something works for you, of course you will continue using it and doing it.

You can always improve on the system over time to achieve better results. After all, practice makes perfect.

The point is; there has to be a method in place to actually create wealth. If you go in blindly, you’ll probably end up doing internet marketing today, stock trading the next month, real estate a few more months down the road, doing MLM the next year… I’m sure you get the picture.

You end up not having a system where you can duplicate your success! You want something that you can build a statistic from, something tangible with already proven results, not some fad idea with ever fluctuating success rates.

If you have a system that is able to make you just $2.00, use it again to try to make $4.00 and so on! You start the momentum from there and very soon you can start to see yourself accumulating some massive wealth.

Here, I suppose is where fundamental business logic comes into play – for instance, all businesses sell their products at a price that is higher than their cost, that’s how to make profit.

Of course, that is the purpose of all businesses, but did you know that there is a very precise system in place when they do this?

They have people crunching all of the varying numbers for them. They know what the highest or lowest price they can sell their product for is and so on.

They also have many people who design their sales strategies for them in terms of product cosmetics, product placement, advertising and finally distribution.

Of course, if you are an individual, you don’t have such resources at your disposal. That makes having a proper system in place for wealth accumulation so much more important.

A proper system will also help you to track your success rate. From there you can gauge where you went wrong and fix it appropriately or track how close you are to achieving your ultimate wealth goal.

The trick is, you DO NOT need to invent your own system – there are plenty of them for you to adopt. So if systems are so ideal, why there are still people who failed to achieve success?

Simple – it’s because of the X-factors. When a system is implemented in a different environment, you’ll get different results.

But if you know the system does work, over time, you’ll see success. You’ll just need to broaden your “sample size”. Let me illustrate a simple example:

Assuming that you’ll be able to get a sale after presenting an offer to 10 people. So how many sale you’ll get if you’ve presented to 5 people? Well, since you can’t have 1/2 sale, so the answer is 0. Make sense?

But what if… you’ve presented to 10 people and yet you still get 0 sale? Well, remember the X-factors? That’s the reason why you didn’t get a sale but if you’ve broaden your “sample” size to 20, maybe, you’ll get 2 sale. Make sense now?

So in a nutshell, the “secret” is this – use a system that has been proven to work. The key word here is, “proven”. Once you know it works, you’ll just need to broaden your “sample” size and don’t give up. :)

But I think the main question is, are you following a system to become wealthy or are you simply throwing *everything* on the wall and which sticks?

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Patric Chan

Patric Chan is a best-selling author, international speaker and world-class internet marketer.

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