I was traveling alone 2 weeks ago. I missed my family while being away – and as weird as it sounded, I started thinking if I die. So when I got back home, I started writing this letter to my wife, just in case if I die and I wouldn’t be able to tell her…




At that point, I can’t write anymore; so I stopped writing. I was crying alone because I don’t want to “leave” this world. There are so many things I haven’t do yet by myself and with my love ones.

Then suddenly, I was smiling with happiness. Although I’ll die one day, TODAY’S NOT GOING TO BE THAT DAY. Gratefully, I’m very much alive and that’s the greatest thing that could happened to me.

That’s the greatest thing that is happening to you – you’re breathing and alive.

Some people need to go through near-death experience to be “awakened” of what Life has to offer. Why go through that and risk of losing everything?

I would suggest you to do this:

Write a letter to your love one. Express your message to her or him, as if you’re no longer here.

Now, that may be too hard for some, I would totally understand. I can’t even complete my own letter. So if I may, I like to part five simple advice to you:

1. Spend more time with those whom you love. Everyone gets older every day. Don’t want to alarm you, but our time is not getting more.

2. Appreciate what you have – from the tiny entertainment of an iPhone to the wondrous of nature

3. Thank God every day, or as often as you can for giving you this LIFE to you. Especially, if you’re in good health and capable of seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, running, jumping and everything else that a normal person can do

4. Choose to see life positively, be abundant and be happy every day because you’ll never know if you’ll be still around tomorrow

5. Do good things for others, trust me – it’s just the right thing to do. Just do that.

Enjoy living.

To your wonderful life,

Patric Chan

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Patric Chan

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