Subliminal Messages for Self Improvement

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manthinkingRe: Subliminal Messages for Self Improvement

Subliminal messages are messages that you receive but are unaware that you have received them.

For example, a subliminal message may be a short flashing image inserted into a movie scene that you would not even notice. Fight Club fans may remember the scene in the movie in which Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt, used to insert an image of male genitalia for the briefest part of a second during the projection of a cartoon in the theater. Kids would start crying, but they had no idea why, as they didn’t realize what they saw.

During the 1970s the fear that subliminal messages could be used for brainwashing was so rampant that the US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) banned their use in advertising.

About 10 years ago people realized that subliminal messages can be used for self improvement. They started experimenting and many have reported that they were able to get the motivation to exercise, to work on their business, to start eating healthy or were even successful in eliminating phobias such as paranoia or social phobia.

10 years ago was the beginning of the rise of subliminal audio messages for personal development. People have started to realize that fears of brainwashing were foolish because subliminal messages are suggestions, not commands.

Simple subliminal audio messages can work for self improvement because these messages are able to penetrate the conscious mind and “talk” with the subconscious because they work on specific, higher frequencies.

The subconscious mind is the part of you that is able to change your view of the world, it is able to change your personality to suit the way you wish to change it and it is able to help you change your habits.

The conscious mind works like a guard for the subconscious. It only allows certain types of images and thoughts to be processed by the subconscious. The work that the conscious mind does is more than necessary.

Imagine if you had to process everything that was going around you – all parts of the conversations you hear when you walk by people or if you had to process everything that goes around you that does not really concern you, like that dog peeing on a fire hydrant.

Likely, you would go nuts because all that data would just overwhelm you, but lucky for you, the conscious mind weeds out anything that it deems unnecessary.

Your conscious mind is a creature of habit so to speak. For example when you think of approaching a beautiful woman and you’re first thought is rejection and you repeat the images of rejection in your mind multiple times, for you it becomes a habit to think of rejection when you think of approaching beautiful women.

Your conscious mind would have an easy time of allowing the kind of images and thoughts it is used to, to go to the subconscious mind for processing, while it would weed out any other kinds of images or thoughts. So, if you were used to imagining rejection while you thought of approaching beautiful women, it would be hard to change the negative images to positive ones by forcing the positive thoughts in your mind, as the conscious mind would likely weed them out.

When subliminals send positive thoughts or affirmations to the subconscious, the consciousness has no chance of interfering with the positive messages the subconscious receives, because you do not consciously perceive the subliminal audio messages.

Your conscious mind would be occupied by listening to pleasing sounds of nature like ocean or rainfall sounds, while the positive affirmations recorded at a higher sound frequency would be processed by the subconscious unobstructed.

Of course subliminal messages are not a solution in themselves. They are simply an aid to your efforts to deal with a problem you have, like the certain fear of approaching women, or trying to stop smoking or anything else that is holding you back in life. They can only help you when you really work towards solving your issue and improving yourself.

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