How Not to Work More, But Make More Money

We all have limited hours per day.

Some people work for just a few hours and will make a good sum of money. While some, work for long hours but only earn peanuts. And it’s the same for people with jobs and business owners.

I believe it all zooms down to understanding one’s worth.

Let’s take an example of an entrepreneur. His talent is probably in creating the vision, coming up with the idea and leading the business. When he focuses on what he’s good at, his yield is very high. But when he’s doing other stuff that he’s not good at, he’ll end up working a lot with little money earned.

If you’re an author and wanted to create a website but don’t have a clue about it — what should you do? Well, I can tell what you should not do – don’t spend hours, weeks or even months learning about programming and website design to set up your website.

You get someone else who knows how to do all that to do it for you while you concentrate on doing what you’re good at, which is writing books to sell.

You’re probably thinking that if you learned to do it all by yourself, you can keep 100% of the earnings from your book. But you have to realize that while you do get to keep all the monetary gains, you are actually losing something else – time.

While you are taking the time learning everything about setting up a website, someone else with the same book idea could have beat you to the bat by working the smart way. They get somebody else to set up the website and the sales mechanism and start promoting their book.

By the time you have learned everything about setting up a website and put up one, the other author would have already made a big profit and your book idea is last month’s news. Worst still, your website may not be attractive enough to attract visitors.

But if you had let somebody else put up your website while you concentrated on writing your book, you would have already made

money selling your book. Who knows, you could be on your way to selling your second or third book by now.

The point is, in order to be productive, you should concentrate on doing the things that will give you the biggest result in the shortest time possible. This means doing what you are good at and let somebody else do the things that you can’t do.
Let’s take the author example again. As an author, let’s say you’re worth a 5-figure amount per month. But as a website designer or programmer, not as much because this is not what you are good at doing.Think of it this way – how much are you worth per hour?

So do what you are good at and don’t be afraid to spend money in order to get other people to do the things that you can’t do. At the end of the day, you’ll make back more than what you had spent.

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